Monday, September 9, 2013

"It's a String Thing" #4 Tiles

Oh my goodness, do I have some beautiful tiles to show you.
This weeks' entries came from Montana to South Africa and a few points in between.  It is fascinating that each tile began with the same string line and yet the finished tiles are so delightfully different.

This first tile is from Vicky Brison in Montana. 
Notice the way she used Squid starting at the edge of her tile and reaching into the upper corners of her string lines.
Vicky just found out about the "It's a String Thing" challenge, and she worked on the previous three as well. They were just too pretty to keep to myself: 
Vicky's "It's a String Thing" #1 tile

Vicky's "It's a String Thing" # 2 tile

Vicky's "It's a String Thing" #3 tile
Welcome Vicky - and thank you for sharing your beautiful pieces.

This is the first time ever that Jacqueline Becker from Seattle submitted a tile for challenge.  I can imagine that her work will inspire many tangle enthusiasts out there to do the same.  
She said, "I love sitting by the open window and putting pen to paper. It is so relaxing and peaceful."  It makes her very creative, too!  Thank you for the beautiful tile.

Mindy (of String thing #2 fame) sent in two striking pieces.  Here is the first one:

She used a beautiful selection of tangles.  Notice too, that Mindy adds the nicest touch of shading with a grey marker.

Here is her second tile:

Mindy's wispy lines of Scrolled Feather are so elegant - just beautiful!

This tile was submitted by Carmen Hoffman in Iowa.  She used such a pretty collection of patterns.  This is the first time she has emailed and entry on line and I am grateful that it was for "It's a String Thing".  Your tile is lovely Carmen.

Deanna Spence is back - and this time she added a swatch of color that makes this tile pop.  Her lines and shading on Sand Swirl make it look as though they are in constant motion - gorgeous!

And the tile for this week's honors comes all the way from South Africa:

It was created by Brenda Urbanik.  Brenda is self taught in Zentangle® having no CZT™ in her area.   She has been learning as many patterns as she can before attending the CZT Seminar in November.  Soon she will be spreading the Zentangle joy in her part of the world.  Congratulations, Brenda!   Please email your address to me and I will get a special little something in the mail to you.

Check back tomorrow for "It's a String Thing" #5 -  Yay!

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