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"It's a String Thing" #295 Tiles

IAST #295 was our nod, as Antony says below, to "all those dads who provide for and protect their little ones with loving care."  Our string and tangles played on the D-A-D theme.

On a separate note, I especially enjoyed reading an article in The Wall Street Journal that featured a touching Father's Day tribute written by Mike Kerrigan.  If you'd like to read it, click here.

We were traveling on Father's Day this year (more about that in my next post) without much time for tangling, but I think my dad, husband, son, and sons-in-law, were well celebrated - as all good men should be.

Let's take a look at our D-A-D tiles ~

The first tile arrived from Karen Aicken (Alberta, Canada) and here on her blog ~
First, I must congratulate you on the sweet new addition to your family! I hope you are getting lots of snuggles in - there is just nothing like a new grandbaby!
Second, here is my submission to your IAST 295. I traced a Zentangle Tile into my sketchbook and got to work. Sorry the edges look so wonky - I was trying to crop out the writing and lines around the tile. I used a blue/black PN pen for my tangling on this one and I quite enjoyed it! One Two Three is one of my go-to tangles, so I was happy to see it as a challenge tangle. Double Double was new to me, and I also enjoyed that. Diva Dance is such a dramatic one - I always enjoy that one as well. This tile was very satisfying to do.

From Lisette CZT#32 (Switzerland) ~
Herewith my tile for #295. The “Dad-String” was there but somehow disappeared because I was completely engrossed in Double Double - a wonderful pattern. The “A” and “D” became tranzending gems.
A big hug to everyone

From Vena C (Whitby, Ontario, Canada) ~
This was fun. The only one I hadn't done before was double double. I thought it was going to be difficult but it wasn't.

From Laurel Davis, CZT #28 (New York) ~
Great choice of tangles, Adele! I was introduced to the wonderful Double Double in another group and Diva Dance has always been one of my go to tangles. Plus, who doesn’t love to draw Antidots!

From Margarete Gilge (Germany) and here on her blog ~
when drawing your last challenge, I logically thought of my father. He would certainly have been an enthusiastic Tangler, if one had already thought of Tangle at that time. In his spare time, he has created graphic emblems or drawings for different purposes with pleasure and he especially loved geometrical and classic patterns.
Thank you for this interesting challenge. My contribution you also can find on my blog under the link...
Best wishes from Germany

From Marjan Heemskerk (The Netherlands) ~
I love Antidots and Diva Dance but Double Double gave me some trouble;)
It was a tough challenge, a dad worthy:)

From Lynn F. (Florida) ~
Sometimes I’m not in love with a tile once it’s done but eventually I end up loving it after all.
That was the case for IAST #294.
For this week’s challenge, even though I initially struggled with Double double, I fell in love with it from the beginning.

From Ginger, CZT (California) ~
Here is my tile for this challenge. It was done while waiting for plane connections after taking part of CZT#34 training! My dad was a singular man who followed his own drummer, so there is no background nor shading. The Dudah pattern around the outside reminds me of the songs he would sometimes belt out. The slight water smear was at first a mistake, but there are none in Zentangle methods ;)) Double double and diva dance rock 'n roll

Congratulations on becoming a CZT, Ginger!

From Angie Gittles (Maryland) ~
Whoa...this might be the darkest tile I ever drew. Looking forward to seeing the other tiles this week.

From Moblue (Bremen, Germany) ~
Here comes my tile for IAST #295. How did you know I needed a string for Double Double? I fell for it when I saw it last week on Margret’s site! Also this string was a good opportunity to test my new pen-set. So I shaded with white and embellished with the golden Gelly pen. Lots of fun! Thank you for all you do for us.
Cheers to all Dads around.

From Shirley Wohlsen (Queensland, Australia) ~
To all the Dad’s celebrating Fathers Day, Hope you have a good one, Cheers.
Attached is my Tile for ‘It’s A String Thing # 295’ Challenge.

From Sharyn Penna, CZT (Massachusetts) ~
OMG ... 295 IAST posts! It’s like watching an odometer roll over to a new decade! Is a celebration step-out around the corner?
It was a slow go this week for me ... my life sometimes gets interrupted by migraine feeding, barometric changes.
So, my real IAST #295 remains in a brain cloud ... but I did manage to play with Double Double when Margaret Bremner first introduced her tangle; I added a small Auraknot to the center; used blue and black microns, graphite, white gelly roll pen on a renaissance tile.
Looking forward to seeing the homage to Dads.
Cheers to sunny days with low humidity!!
Cheers to your perseverance, Sharyn!

From Susan (United Kingdom) ~
Three lovely tangles this week. Antidots is one of my favourites, I just discovered the three variations of Diva Dance and am off to practise the circular one. As for Double Double, irresistible because of the Tim Hortons back story. Love Tim when I’m in Canada. Make mine an Ice Capp!

From Sue Agnew (Tucson, Arizona) ~
I wasn’t sure when you said “take a few extra days” how many constituted “a few.” So hopefully this is still in time.
I ended up doing a monotangle with Double Double. I was fascinated with intertwining the loops. The larger grid has one marquise that inserts inside the other, like Saturn and one of its rings. I did that by drawing one arc and its echoing line, and then drawing the other marquise behind the arc, and then finishing the arc behind the other marquise (if that makes sense). The smaller grid, and the large individual fragment, has loops that are actually connected, like links of a chain. That one, if you are not disciplined about turning your tile, is a good way to train yourself to turn your tile. I drew one arc pair, then turned the tile 90% and drew another arc pair, and then came back and finished the first marquise, and then turned it again to finish the second marquise. I THINK there’s a way to intertwine even more, but I think that involves drawing half-arc pairs and it was too complicated to be fun. I’ve never stippled before; not sure I ever will again LOL.
P.S. I also took liberties with the string. When I was turning it around to see which orientation I wanted to use, I noticed that if “dad” had been written all lower-case, it would spell “pop” when turned upside down.
Thanks for keeping this community going! Happy summer!

From Cheryl (Missouri) ~
I miss my dad every single day.

From Gill (Israel) ~
Here's my tile for IAST 295. I gave it to my son-in-law, who's a new dad. I love the look of Double Double, but as you can see I need more practice!

From T. ~
Fathers’ Day this year was very special because my brother became a father for the first time.
The amount of happiness his firstborn has brought to our family is immeasurable.
The patterns you chose for us to work with in this challenge were so vastly different but worked well together.
As a Canadian, I love Margaret Bremner’s nod to the shorthand we use when ordering our coffee in naming her new pattern ‘Double Double’.
Antidot is a favourite pattern that I believe I first became familiar with because of an IAST challenge a while back.
For some reason I don’t often use Diva Dance, but I’ll definitely have to change that.

Congratulations to all the family.  There is nothing like a brand new baby to love.

From Amy L, CZT (Connecticut) ~
This is very late, but I’m hoping it will still squeak in. What a fun challenge. I really enjoyed watching the video of diva dance. I’ve been doing it for years, but a slightly different way, so it was fun to try it the more traditional way. I love doing antidots. I just get carried away. It reminds me of flux. Grids are always a challenge for me, but double double was interesting. So thanks again—I’m still trying to get back in the swing.

From Antony Visconti (Milan, Italy) ~
A very belated happy father's day to all those dads who provide for and protect their little ones with loving care.

From Jane (Surrey, United Kingdom) ~
This is probably too late but sending anyway! I used a grey tile and lots of graphite.
Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful grandson!
Best wishes

From Allison (California) ~
Here is my submission for IAST 295. I thought my blacks got away from me, but I like how my Diva Dance turned out. Thank you for doing this.

Thank you all for celebrating D-A-D in tangles. 

Many thanks to the creators of the tangles we used ~

Double Double by CZT Margaret Bremner

Antidots by CZT Anita Roby-Lavery

Diva Dance by Maria Thomas

Check back Tuesday afternoon for IAST #296 - we are fast approaching our 300th celebration. Woohoo!

Check the very next post to answer the question of where Lou and I were pictured on that beautiful coastline and to see who we had the pleasure to meet on our travels - so much fun!

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