Friday, February 7, 2014

ZIA Valentines...Keep Sharing the Love!

Here are some more Valentine ornaments for you...

The first is one I call Simply Bales.  I set out to tangle several patterns on this heart, but after the initial Bales was complete, I liked it just the way it was -
Adele Bruno, CZT
The second feeds my fascination with Fassett :)

Adele Bruno, CZT

The third was inspired by a Vera Bradley pattern.  I used Mumsy (click here to see my earlier post about the pattern) and my tangle pattern Iza - (click here to read about Iza)

Adele Bruno, CZT
The fourth was inspired by Jenna Wheatman's submission for "It's a String Thing" #26 and her use of Aquafleur.  

Adele Bruno, CZT

Do check back on Monday when I post the tiles sent in for the challenge.  Jenna's lovely tile will be posted along with all of the other wonderful entries.  You will be inspired for Valentine's Day!

It's not too late to join in the challenge this week.  The string line is heart shaped so you could be that much further ahead on your Valentines by participating - find the details here on Tuesday's post.

Keep spreading that ZIA love!

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  1. Ok - you've inspired me to work on red. This are just lovely! Thanks for sharing.