Friday, February 14, 2014


What a glorious day it is!

My grandmother once said that on this day we must give the great saint his just due - and so we must...

We've taught our children to say Happy Saint Valentine's Day - much the same as Happy Saint Patrick's Day.  Imagine March 17th as Patrick's Day - just doesn't have the same ring to it!

You can click here to read a nice write up about St. Valentine and how his feast day became associated with a day to "shower the people we love with love" - as James Taylor would say :)

Over the last few weeks I've posted pictures of my ZIA Valentine ornaments.  They came about because our daughter Nancy - alone in a new BIG city because of work - decided to keep her Christmas tree up for awhile.  She liked the way it filled up her sparsely furnished apartment.

I began tangling the ornaments for her newly dubbed "Valentine Tree".

Here is the picture she sent in return -

Valentine Hearts,  Adele Bruno, CZT
It melted my heart.  Aside from being a beautiful picture, I loved her artsy note, the glow of her tree, the way the ornaments looked on it (just as I pictured in my mind!), and the LOVE!

Oh, what a wonderful thing love is - the more you give, the more you receive...I'd say I got the better part of that deal!

Have a fabulous St. Valentine's Day!

And thank you endlessly for sharing a love for this wonderful art form we call Zentangle®!

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  1. Just beautiful Adele and what a wonderful daughter you have!