Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Last Wednesday's post featured Ragged Ray's observations about Zetangle and community.  Her sentiments resonated with many readers.  While tangles can be gleaned from books,  "it's definitely an activity that benefits from practice within a community - even if that is a virtual one" as Ragged Ray noted.

Well, with those thoughts fresh in my mind, I had the honor of teaching a class on Saturday to a very wonderful and welcoming group of thirty artists.  It was a pleasure to be in their company and be surrounded by so much talent - it was palpable :)  I was fed by their good company along with their enthusiasm for Zentangle and I am grateful.  

Here is a sampling of their first completed tiles - aren't they beautiful?!

Class tiles from Adele Bruno, CZT

Class tiles from Adele Bruno, CZT
It is a privilege to be a Certified Zentangle Teacher and to be able to build a community around this wonderful art form.  

If you haven't had an opportunity to take a class - do yourself a favor and look for a CZT in your area. They may have classes available.  The Zentangle website lists teachers by country and state and you can reference it here.

If, like Ragged Ray, there isn't a teacher in your area, do join in our community of tanglers every Tuesday through "It's a String Thing" weekly challenge.  You will learn, grow, and be appreciated on your tangled journey!

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