Friday, August 3, 2018

Where I Tangle

Featuring Lisette from Switzerland ~

Lisette writes:
My favourite tangle place is at my desk at home. Here I have everything at hand for tangling, computer (I have no tablet or so), my Zentangle books, pencils, water colours, pens etc. The most common things I store in my beloved "Zippy", this sheath/case you see on the left side on my desk. It was sewn by a tangler friend of our facebook group and I could choose the fabrics. Usually my dog, Lara, snuggles up to my feet when I'm tangling. My cat, Shanti, loves to disturb me when I draw. She lies down wherever my pen goes or on the keyboard. She even managed to uninstall my browser… I often have some music on, soft sounds for meditation, classical or jazzy music. AND I have a daylight lamp which is really worth its price. Your eyes get much less tired and colours are true. It's unfortunately not suitable for taking pictures as the camera would cast a shadow. The view to my left gives a glimpse of the Lake of Zurich. At the office I have a wonderful view on the Lake of Zurich (especially in winter when the trees have no leaves) as you see on the 4th picture. Even here I tangle sometimes. Beside my usual job I have the "duty" to organize birthday cards and little presents for my colleagues. And –time permitting – it's a tangled card. But at the office I'm interrupted all the time what I really don’t like.

Photographs courtesy of Lisette

Thank you for inviting us into the beautiful space where you tangle Lisette.

Until next week, enjoy!

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