Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

God is still in the business of miracles.
                                                                                               ~Fr. Ed Thompson

Photograph courtesy of Felicity Strohfeldt, South Africa

This week, I received an encouraging note and photograph (above) from Felicity Strohfeldt about a blessed sight that she and her husband witnessed on a recent trip.  Felicity wrote:
Willie and I took a small trip up north last Thursday and Friday. Approximately 250 km from our town to an little Namaqualand town call Nieuwewoudtville.
They’ve had some showers of rain recently that has quenched the soil’s drought thirst somewhat. Just amazing to see Nature’s gratitude all around. The town and nearby farmlands are ablaze with Spring flowers. Truly amazing.
In response to Felicity's mentions in her IAST submissions over the last several months, many of us have prayed for rain to come to her parched region of South Africa.  It looks as though, as a dear friend of mine was fond of saying, "God is still in the business of miracles."

Thank you for the encouraging news, Felicity!

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  1. To Adele and all IAST tangle participants from all over the world thank you for your prayers over the last months.They have helped to alleviate the drought in South Africa. Please keep praying.