Friday, July 20, 2018

Where I Tangle

Featuring VenaC (Whitby, Ontario, Canada) ~

VenaC mentioned in one of her "It's a String Thing" submissions that she was on vacation and tangling in a most beautiful spot.  I asked her to send a photograph or two for this series and thankfully, she obliged.  She wrote:
I am on one of the gulf islands a ferry ride from Nanaimo (on Vancouver Island) in British Columbia.This is the deck of my son's house quite high above the water. There are really tall trees all around. A bald eagle often sits high up on the branch of one of those very tall trees and deer stroll through the property in the late evening and early morning eating whatever greenery strikes their fancy. The islanders have to fence off their vegetable and flower gardens or the deer would eat everything. It is quiet sitting up here watching the tide go out leaving the boats anchored near the shore high and dry and then watching them float off when the tide comes back in again. We had a 20 minute scenic ride around the island in a float plane. Never been in a float plane before so found it quite exciting. Done lots of sightseeing. The first pic is my "zen" chair, normally with a cushion, and the second pic is what I see from that chair. Only one day left of this holiday.

Photographs courtesy of VenaC

Thank you, Vena.

Until next week, ENJOY!

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