Friday, July 6, 2018

Where I Tangle - A New Series

Featuring Henrike Bratz, CZT

It is fascinating enough that Zentangle® unites us the world over, even more fascinating are the special spaces where we find inspiration to tangle.

Late in the year of 2014, Henrike Bratz sent an email and this photograph from Germany of the space where she tangles ~  

Henrike had just received a note in the mail from me with an acknowledgement of her tile for honors in "It's a String Thing" #72.   

To know that a note left my desk and found a home on hers warmed my heart to no end.  Living in Florida, the snow and barren tree branches immediately captivated me.  The candle looked so warm against the clean white lines of the interior and the chilly outdoors. 

Since then, I have mulled over the idea of featuring a series of Friday posts that highlight the spaces where we tangle.  It seemed like a natural choice to ask Henrike if she would be willing to be the first subject.

Henrike readily accepted my request and promptly sent along photographs accompanied by her thoughtful comments.

As you read along, I hope you find renewed inspiration and appreciation of your own wonderful tangling spaces.

From Henrike ~
I love tangling while travelling and I would love to share two or three beautiful places where I enjoyed tangling that I remember vividly. I’m always taking a small sketchbook with me and often tangle in this rather than on tiles. These small notebooks [keep] memories of places, moods and emotions and much more – like a diary.
My first place is Boston Public Library. After my Zentangle Training last year I spent some days in Boston before returning back home. I had read about the library in my travel guide and wasn’t disappointed. Look at those beautiful tables and chairs, the green lamps at every single desk. While all the other tourist were walking the freedom trail, I kept sitting there for timeless hours, tangling, thinking through the experience of the CZT training feeling inspired and enjoying the silence.

The second place that comes to mind is a bakery in Lisbon, some tables outside on the pavement, early in the morning when the city was just awaking. You can see that I was trying to capture some patterns from real tiles that can be found on the walls of many Lisbon houses.

Most of the time of course I’m tangling at home. On the picture is my special spot reserved for tangling and writing. That’s the one you remember. I like to have a flower in the vase and some recent tile displayed on the little frame you once gave me.
All photographs courtesy of Henrike Bratz, CZT
Thank you, Henrike.

 Until next week, ENJOY!


  1. That's such a great idea and a lovely post, too. Thanks a lot for this post, Adele, and to Henrike for sharing!

  2. Blessed to read about Henrike's special places and seeing her beautiful tangles! Thank you!