Thursday, March 16, 2017

My 3z Celtic Heart Knot

The idea for the ensemble in yesterday's Wednesday's Words of Wisdom post (Link) came about in the typically magical way I have come to expect with all things Zentangle®.

It all started with last week's 3z tile. (Link)
I took the usual three cornered Celtic design, fit it to the triangular 3z tile, and instead of adding an intertwining circle, created a heart shaped one.  It fit in the space beautifully.
However, turning the tile to highlight the heart did not make for a pleasing photograph, so I darkened in the outer spaces and left three blank to write in the heavenly virtues:

In the days that followed, I mulled over different ideas to highlight the heart shape and decided on a six tile ensemble.

First, I created one master knot and used my light table to lightly pencil in the rest.
Then, I connected the lines at each of the outer corners in an under/over fashion.  I followed the maze around several times to insure that the lines were continuous.
Lining the tiles up on a piece of black card stock made it easier to work on the piece as one unit.

Next, I used a Micron 01 and outlined the entire piece, taking care to line the edges up when crossing over from one tile to the next.

This time, I darkened in all of the inner spaces except for the diamond shaped one.  The heart shape became prominent and the middle space look promising for the addition of Lucky.

I popped a different variation of Lucky in each tile.  Still not certain if I wanted to add color or not, I began shading to see if it would influence my decision.

After a look at all of the shaded tiles...

I darkened in the spaces around Lucky and then darkened all of the shading a bit more.

At this stage, it looked almost complete, but I kept thinking back to last Monday's post (Link).
I found the colorful tiles for IAST #187's St. Patrick's Day nod so inspiring that I decided to add some green after all...

I began with the lightest of three greens, and then layered two darker ones over it.  The color, along with the dark surround, made Lucky glow.

I have been tangling for five years now and the magic of having a project unfold still amazes me to no end.
Continued good wishes to you on your tangled journeys.  Thank you for following along on this one.



  1. Learning about artists' creative journey is even more exciting than learning the step-out of tangles. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. After all of your wonderful IAST submissions, I'm glad to return the favor :)

  2. Truly amazing! Thank you for sharing your stage by stage process of the art you created. It's rare artist showcase that in so much detail and also example the inspiration as well. Could you tell me where you learned to do the Celtic design? I'd love to try something like that but I'm unsure really where to start. Thank you!

    1. When I set out to draw a Celtic knot, I look for inspirations on the internet and keep in mind that they consist of intertwining, continuous lines.
      I also consider the space in which I want to draw one - in this case a triangular knot fit beautifully. Once I drew that, I worked an intertwining heart into the remaining space.

  3. Amazingly stunning! Thank you for sharing your art ... your process ... your heart(s)!

  4. Dear Adele, your heart knot is so absolutely lovely! I needed to try it myself and added it on March,17th in my zentangle calendar... just right for St.Patrck`s day.
    But your Mosaic of 6 3Z tiles makes me speechless ;-))
    Thank you for being such a great inspiration!! Have a nice sunday!
    (Unfortunately I did not have enough time to attend the IAST...sorry...)