Monday, March 27, 2017

A Gator Glitch...

...or should I say, blame it on a gator?!
I am just back from a road trip to the University of Florida that will delay the IAST #189 results for just a bit.

For the past two days, my daughter Isabella and I were treated to two tours of the University -  
one by our wonderful hostess and friend, Grace (and Sara, too), and the other by the school itself.

It was the fifth and final campus visit for our youngest daughter, and the last one for us as parents of a graduating high school senior.  Isabella is our seventh and last child to go through this decision making process.

"Does it get any easier?" friends ask.
My firm answer is, "No."

If anything, I am more emotional and sentimental about everything - every little thing.
Time is more precious: past, present, and future.

Honestly, how could eighteen years pass by so quickly?!

In the coming week, Isabella will decide where she will study for the next four years.  In the meantime, we will cherish the remaining months of her time in high school...

Isabella at the University of Florida

So while this post is delayed just a bit, please be sure to check back
Tuesday afternoon for "It's a String Thing" #190 !


  1. That's so cool.... My SIL's (Son In Law's) brother and sister in law work for the sports dept at U of FL so when I saw the gator my eyes perked up. Best wishes in picking the best college.

  2. What a lovely daughter and what a funny pic. I wish her success at the university!