Friday, February 24, 2017

My Morning With Waybop

Feeling a bit drained from the busyness of life, I deliberately cleared my morning and spent a few glorious hours getting to know Maria Thomas' new tangle Waybop.

In addition to needing some quiet tangling time, there were three other factors in my resolve to concentrate on Waybop:

1.   IAST #184 (Link) featured Waybop.  The results that poured in from all over the world were chock full of inspiring and creative takes on the tangle - so many possibilities that I would have never thought of on my own.
2.  My beloved CZT Knuckleballers (Link) met this past week and spent time playing with Waybop and absorbing Dorian Eng's examples and notes.
3.  I am preparing a class tomorrow (at Sam Flax) on this tremendous tangle.

Here is a sampling of my morning's work ~

My Morning with Waybop by Adele Bruno, CZT

I gleaned many ideas from the IAST #184 tiles and encourage everyone to do the same.  We all learn from and inspire each other.

When you are able, consider taking an hour or two to concentrate on one tangle that intrigues you.
Use examples from other tanglers to find fresh inspiration and possibilities.

It can prove to be a wonderfully rejuvenating time.

Have a safe and blessed weekend!


  1. Time focused on one tangle is always such fun - it's like a satisfying indulgence.

    I love your Waybop examples - the top left with all those rounded auras particularly appeals to me.

    1. Thank you and thank goodness it is a calorie-free indulgence!
      The inspiration for that tile came from Linda Bladen's (UK) IAST #184 tile.

  2. And you did all those tiles in ONE morning? And it is only a SAMPLE display? WOW!
    * They are all absolutely fantastic.
    * Executed perfectly.
    * I like top left for its simplicity and
    * the bottom right for its base design being different.

    1. Yes, it was a rare treat to have an entire morning to tangle. I had the best inspirations from the IAST #184 submissions, so following their lead, I was free to tangle away.
      It is a great resource anyone can tap into - study the results of any IAST and use the wonderful results for ideas in your own work. Enjoy!