Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Florida Arts Tour - Stop #11

As promised, here is a little virtual tour of this past weekend's events.  There is quite a bit to take in, so the photos will do most of the talking.  They are listed in order of what you would have seen if you went on the tour and walked up to our home.  Enjoy!

One of the yard signs stood by our mailbox.

Our welcome sign ~
I was able to invite guest artists to display and sell their work.  This was an 'A' List show!

Our front door

 We set up a table in the entry way, just inside the front door, for guests to sign in.  My fabulous friends took turns hostessing.  Karen had the first shift ~

The piano room is to the left of where Karen is sitting ~

 A closer look at the tree ~

To Karen's right is the staircase ~

 Our guests walked passed the staircase into the dining room.

The table was set with our Advent wreath in the center.

My Christmas village is set up in the dining room.

 Through the dining room is the kitchen and just to the right is my studio/office.

This is the view to the left and into the family room.

Rounding the corner from the kitchen and into my studio space~

Before I claimed this room, it was a place where our kids grew up playing, doing homework, and working on the computer.  I like its location in the house because I am very much in the middle of the family activity.  The little table to the left was mine as a little girl and my grandchildren sit at it now and do their important work.

This is the wall to the right in the photo above ~
 See the tangled map?  It hangs in a place of honor and is surrounded by things that are dear to me.

This is my corner desk where I do my writing.  The wall in the photo above is to the left in this photo.

My chair is in a cozy spot.  I can look out the window, out over the porch to the pool and back yard.  My bag from zenAgain hangs over my chair.  Special photos and notes and mementos frame my space.   Can you see the tangles around the windows?  When a search for just the right curtains turned up empty, I tangled a border around the windows instead :)

This is a desk I created with four pieces of IKEA furniture.  I needed a narrow desk with storage and room for two to work at when needed.  I love it.  This is where I photograph my tiles for posts and one of the places in my house where I like to tangle.

This door leads to the back porch and carport.  Instead of a garage, our home has a large covered area were we park the cars.  It is were we set up tables and chairs and displays of our art work to sell. 

I made this wreath for the door - will explain that in a future post - isn't that fun?!

Distinguished guests Robin Tucker, CZT, Lin Helfer, Charlene Peterson, and Lynn Gotham...

CZTs Joan Delony and Robin Tucker.
This is a gift that Joan brought, I had to take a photo of her beautiful wrapping...

On the porch, Joanne Fink (what an honor to have her here) set up an impromptu class on coloring with Koi watercolor markers...
Brian Crimmins, CZT came just in time for the class.  Look at those eager students!

Yet another surprise was a visit from Su D'Alessio. She brought one of her 'pots in progress' and demonstrated her technique for decorating her pottery.  If you are anywhere near the area on Saturday, December 10, her show begins at 9 am.  Details can be found on the right side of this blog page.  Click the photo for the Pottery Show.

My studio tour ran for two days and at the end of the first day, I realized that I didn't take enough pictures of my visitors or friends.  Tracey Lyon Nicholson, CZT was here and her set up was beautiful.  My friends Kelley, Cathy, Julianne, Kathy, and Stephannie are missing from photos, but not from my grateful heart.

On the second day, I tried to be more conscientious...

Here is the most special guest of all - my mother, Nancy Anater.  My mother is a very accomplished artist.  We had prints of many of her paintings on display as well as a full rack of note cards that feature her art work.

 Dorian Eng, CZT (my Wing Woman from zenAgain) joined us on Sunday.  Around the table we are:  Me, Dorian, Sindy P, CZT, Joanne, and Nancy.  Joanne gave us a preview of her newest book, due out next spring.

 My dear friend Karen, always ready with a helping hand.

 The 'gang' again in front of some of the art work on display - my mother's to the left and Sindy's to the right.  Joanne's tables were just to the right.

My daughter Nancy and son Louie poured the wine at day's end :)

I managed a few photographs of some of the pieces I finished for the show.  I painted and then added tangles to wooden ornaments and displayed them on this tree.
 Each one had its own little personality.

 I found some pretty flowered frames and tangled a few tiles to fit with the design of the frame.

 And one with Ann ~

 I do hope you enjoyed your 'arm chair' tour of my home and my creative space.  Now you can picture where I work, tangle, and enjoy the best of company.

In the end, being part of the tour was even more of a blessing than I had hoped it would be and I have my husband, my family, and my friends to thank for that.

Thank you, too!


  1. Wow - thank you for the guided tour. I feel very festive now, your decorations are fabulous. And I feel almost like I've visited your home. For me the truly special thing was seeing your studio - all that Zentangle goodness surrounding you. So thrilling to be able to picture where you are when you reach out to us. And a little coincidence that made me smile - I also have an ampersand ornament high on a shelf in the room where i tangle! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you and I love that we both have an ampersand in similar places.

  2. What a beautiful home, full of art and love. So great that all could come and share and participate in the Christmas season. I especially loved the grandkids table for their important work. :)

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, it is very important work :)

  3. Adele, what a wonderful tour and a lovely home! I would have love to been able to attend. It was great to meet you at ZenAgain and I like the way you displayed the bag. Thanks ever so much for sharing. Hope to see you in April.

    1. It was wonderful to share that experience together - I thought of you and your Florida Thanksgiving travels. Next time, stop in!

  4. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful home, and all the gorgeous art work by You, Mom and Friends. It truly looked like everyone was having so much fun! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, your Beautiful family and wonderful friends. Will save this to show my Daughters and Husband all the beautiful art work. Love the Wreath!

    1. Thank you Patsy. A blessed Christmas to you too.
      I'll post photos of how I made the wreath very soon.

  5. Adele, thank you for letting us into your home. This was such a wonderful tour that I I have taken it 3 times.:) It's no wonder your art is so wonderful, you have such a delightful space to work in. You are such an inspiration to me. Now, I'm wanting to paint little wooden ornaments & add tangles. And, I love, love, love the idea of tangling around the window. Very clever, indeed!
    Best wishes to you & yours this holiday season.

    1. You are very sweet, thank you.
      I used acrylic paint and a Micron to add the tangles to the ornaments.
      For the wall tangles, I used Identipens. Have fun with your new projects!

  6. Beautiful home and tour! I'm wondering if the photo at the top of the blog page is of your home? It's hard to imagine all that elegance contained in what looks like a bit of of funky outside. (Definitely no offense intended!)

    1. Ah! The photo on my blog header is the Casselberry Art House, the gallery and studio where I teach. The Tickled To Tangle Art Show was held there last spring. It is a little jewel of a place - a converted home built in the 1950's nestled in a park on a lake.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your home with us. I always love seeing where others create. What a lovely home you have:-)

    1. Thank you, Michele - raising a virtual cup of coffee to you!

  8. Dear Adele! Your home is beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us. I had a great pleasure see my postcard with 3rd anniversary tile on yours shelf. :)

    1. Yes! Shortly after the show I framed it along with your envelope and still showcase it on the shelf. Thank you again.

  9. Such a delight to have a virtual studio/home tour! Thank you for sharing! Have a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!