Friday, December 2, 2016

A Slice of Heaven - zenAgain Part 1

Imagine for a moment being in the company of over 200 CZTs from around the world.

Then imagine sitting in a lovely conference room, with your own little creative space that magically fills with the finest of materials and tools each time you leave for a break and return.

Imagine being guided through one activity after another by Rick and Maria and their daughter Molly, too.

Imagine being on the receiving end of the warm and welcoming staff (mostly family members) that surround them.

Then imagine the opportunity to meet and hug, laugh with, tangle with, and share meals with friends for the first time.

Doesn't it make your tangled heart swell?

Add to all of this, new tangles, new tiles, new techniques, along with a sprinkle of angel wings, for a glimpse of zenAgain 2016.

I have poured over my photographs and selected a few to post today with more to follow.  Enjoy!

Florida friends Dorian Eng, Kathryn Crane Theilen, myself, and Joan Delony, all flew in from different cities before we met at the airport in Providence, Rhode Island.

We shuttled together to our hotel and with the few hours before the event began, we took a cab to the Vanderbilt estate, The Breakers, for a self guided tour.  The mansion was so spectacular, the weather just gorgeous, that I had to include just a few pictures.  This is the front gate ~

 Inside, the grand staircase ~
 The details of the home were spectacular.  There were ideas for tangles everywhere - the billiard room marble tiled floor ~
 A view of the mansion from the ocean walk ~

Once back at the hotel, Rick, Maria, and staff hosted a lovely reception for us.  Happy reunions, introductions, good company, good food, and good wine.  Heavenly.

Some photo highlights from the first day include a view of one half of the conference room from my vantage point ~

Meeting Inge (from Bavaria) after corresponding with each other since IAST #138 ~

A sample of my place setting filled with goodies ~

Tiles were collected in baskets and then displayed in a class mosaic.  And there were over 200 of us!

Maria tangled wings against a beautifully painted backdrop for photographs.  Donna Symons (Pennsylvania) and I had the happiest meeting after writing back and forth for over two and one half years.  Isn't that an incredible thought?  We were a double angel :)

I believe it was Mark Twain that said, "In order for joy to be multiplied, it must be divided among friends."  Having my dear friend Dorian Eng as a seatmate (wing women, she dubbed us), and a room full of CZTs to share this experience with - and now you, dear readers - is joy magnified.

More to follow...


  1. I'm almost lost for words - and that's rare.

    Such a beautiful post - the love and joy are brimming over. I had seen glimpses of the meet from others, but seeing you there - my Tanglementor - on those tables, in front of those wings, made me feel very warm and fuzzy.

    So glad you got to go, and thank you for spreading the love as far and wide as you do.

  2. You multiply all the goodness 100 times over. Thank you.