Friday, December 30, 2016

A Slice of Heaven - zenAgain 2016 - Part II

To wrap up this year's activities, here are a few more photos of my time at zenAgain2016 continued from December 2nd:  A Slice of Heaven - zenAgain - Part I...

Our hotel was on its own little island and even had its own lighthouse.

My adventurous friend, Kathryn Theilen-Crane, CZT and I woke up early on the second day of the conference and walked to morning Mass at the historic St. Mary's Church.

It was quite remarkable to think that the Kennedy's married there...

At 7 am, we had the usually crowded streets of the picturesque town to ourselves.

We dubbed the second day "Purple Day" because so many of us wore shades of the color ~

CZT Jody Genovese and I created another double angel with even more purple ~

Laura Liu, CZT  brought many treats from Taiwan including this homemade tangled cookie she gave me...

We tangled on marble tiles...

and created a large mosaic with them.
My photo only captures a small section of it.

Molly walked us through a very relaxing exercise as we tangled to her verbal clues.  This was my interpretation ~

And a glimpse of the class mosaic ~

We were treated to a class with Margaret Bremner, CZT.  She walked us through creating a mandala on a square tile.  Below are two stages of mine.

We studied the tangle Gneiss together and Margaret gave each of us one of her beautiful handmade bookmarks.

Maria taught us her gilding technique and we added the new Drawings to one of the tiles ~

This is my finished tile ~

I did find that I needed to pinch myself from time to time, as it all felt like a marvelous dream.  So many new techniques, tangles, shared talents...

One of my absolute favorite things was watching Maria draw, her hands projected on to the screens on either side of the stage.  It was a rare opportunity to see the master of the method at work.

In the store area, there was a unique display on how to frame odd sized posters or pictures in standard sized frames.  I thought this was an ingenious idea - add a border or row of tangles!

Another highlight was having Maria write my name on a new apron.  Over four years ago, she wrote my name on the apron that I've worn to every class since becoming a CZT.

There were a few CZTs who had the foresight to bring projects to share.  Nancy Domnauer had us join in her Peace Project.  This was my contribution on one of the new 3Z tiles.

Dorian Eng, my seatmate and  "Wing woman" treated us to a class on making 3D ornaments from the new black Apprentice tiles with generous gifts from Peter Ouyang of Sakura.

All-in-all it was a truly remarkable experience.  The warm and welcoming hospitality of the Zentangle staff combined with the fabulous company of over 200 CZTs from around the world made for a time I will long treasure.

I'll end as I began Part I, with a photo of the Florida girls - all the happier for our time together at zenAgain 2016...

Myself, Kathryn, Joan, and Dorian

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  1. I sooooo would have loved to attend with the 'Florida Girls', but since I had just been to CZT training (25) in July... there was no way to swing it financially. Still, I have loved seeing all the different blog and facebook posts. What a wonderful experience! I had lunch with Kathryn right before she was going and she was sooo excited! :)