Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tangled Spoons

These gorgeous pieces of jewelry were created by the talented Mary Francis, a painter in the Decorative Art field.  They are actually spoons - yes, spoons.

In Mary's words ~
Those spoons were inspired by your teaching Zentangle and seeing all the postings on your blog. The technique of using spoons filled with resin was learned from Diane Bunker, of Tiny Treasures who teaches several different crafts. I learned how to crochet a necklace that I put with them from a lady here in my community.

Spoon pendants by Mary Francis
Mary attended one of my classes last August and returned for another this past Saturday.  She brought her spectacular spoons along and I can tell you that the photo does not do them justice.  

The spoon handles are cut, leaving just a bit to turn under to form a loop.  The resin fills the bowl of the spoon and leaves a very smooth shiny finish.  

She combined her painting passion with tangles and created beautiful jewelry - how fun!

Thank you for sharing you wonderful ZIA, Mary.

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