Thursday, April 11, 2019

Tips for Tangling HEMP - An Alternate Step Out

This week for "It's a String Thing" #287 (click here for all of the delightful details), one of the tangles we get to enjoy is CZT Sandy Bartholomew's Hemp.  

While TanglePatterns lists several step out options and related tangles (Link), it was my friend CZT Tracey Nicholson that made a breakthrough for me.  Tracey's method of beginning with a series of lines, followed by mirrored zigzags, made the tangle quite simple and adaptable.  Thank you, Tracey!

Below, my Tips for Tangling Hemp begin with Tracey's inspiration along with a touch of my own.

The dots really do help.  I found it surprisingly easy to loose track of which triangles still needed the three center lines.

The initial lines can vary in direction, angle, width, etc.  Here are just a few examples ~

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  1. Hemp is a tangle I love - I find it very relaxing to draw in a random growing way, which is strange considering how tricky I find Tripoli - but I'm interested to try your tweak on it too as I like the variations that are possible this way!