Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tangling in the Sand

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico

Most sunsets on the west coast of Florida are spectacular to behold.  The sky floods with brilliant blues, pinks, oranges, purples, and yellows.

On the evening I took this photo, the surf, sky, and sand were uncharacteristically grey.
With a broken piece of seashell in hand, I tangled an Uncorked butterfly at the water's edge.

More grey, but tangles make everything brighter :)

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  1. This is so cool! It was mandala flowers in the sand that turned me on to zentangle a little over a year ago. An artist made several beautiful designs and was featured in Visual News that comes to my email. I was smitten, and started doodling mandalas and mehndi flowers and that led to the world of zentangle. So so cool!