Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tips for Tangling - An Afternoon With Inaura

This week's "It's a String Thing" includes the wonderful tangle Inaura by CZT Bunny Wright.

I spent an afternoon with this interesting pattern and here are some of my results ~

The first tile is a monotangle that I completed following Bunny's step out.
This is what it looked like with half of the shading completed to illustrate the dramatic difference it makes ~

And here is it totally shaded ~

Next, I experimented with the step out.  What if I tangled Inaura in reverse?  I wondered if the finished look of the pattern would be noticeably different if I began with the inner small shapes and aura-ed outward.
I began with the inner small shape of a circle...

 and aura-ed outward ~

Adding more shapes...

 Until I was satisfied with the amount of larger shapes in the space ~

Then I began to fill in the background as I did for the first monotangle pictured above.

Once I was satisfied with the amount of Inaura in the space, I shaded it ~

I am still amazed at what shading adds to Inaura!

The order of the step out did not seem to make a marked difference in the finished look of the tangle.

Still enamored, I thought I'd try another monotangle adding sparkle to each of the larger shapes ~

I do like what that little bit of sparkle adds.

Lastly, for a grand finale, I began with the larger shapes but this time I tangled them each in detail ~

Then I added the smaller shapes in the background as usual and once completed and shaded this is how it turned out ~

So there are the fruits of my afternoon spent with Inaura.  I must admit it was difficult to stop. Before I finished one tile another idea begged to be expressed - but the laundry was calling and dinner needed made :)

I heartily recommend spending a block of time with a tangle you like.  Explore what it can do and see where it leads you.  It is time well spent.



  1. I really like your "detailed" tile.

    1. Thank you. I can't wait to see the tiles on Monday for even more variations of the tangle!

  2. You are a woman after my heart! I love how you explored it in so many different ways. That sparkle was a great touch to the mono tangle and the detailed on is great as well. Thanks for sharing your exploration.

  3. There could be a limitless number of variations on Inaura! Thanks for sharing yours.

  4. Thank you for this "Study" of Inarah. When it came out as a "NEW" tangle, as this is the only thing I could do when I firtst tried to "write" at 3 years old and was just beyond scribbles. I could not see any potential with this Tangle AT ALL. You've showed me many ways one can use Inaura. Thank you.