Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tips for Tangling Gridy by Karl Stewart

Karl Stewart's tangle Girdy has captivated me from the time it first appeared on Linda Farmer's TanglePatterns over two years ago.

Perhaps it was because it reminded me of steel beams and I lived in the Steel City for many years - Go Pittsburgh! - or perhaps it was just that captivating all by itself.

At first glance it seemed impossible to draw without an eraser or at the very least some major pre-planning, but I was mistaken.

As with all magical tangles, Girdy makes the seemingly impossible, possible.  It unfolds magically and the end result captures more depth than the Grand Canyon - well, almost!

Here are a few tips for tangling Karl's creation.  They are not step outs (click here to view those) but rather things I found helpful to keep in mind when tangling the pattern.

Girdy is a featured tangle in this week's "It's a String Thing".  Click here for all the delightful details and come join in the fun!

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