Sunday, September 14, 2014

Meeting a Master

Today was special - as is every day - but this one was especially special.

Along with four of my dear friends and fellow CZTs, I had the privilege of visiting with calligrapher, author, letter artist, designer, all around amazing woman, and founder of Zenspirations, Joanne Fink.

Yes, the Joanne Fink.  As it turns out, we live very near each other.

We spent the afternoon trying our hand at marker and pen calligraphy, perusing a sampling of the numerous books Joanne has written or contributed to, and mostly marveling at her expertise.

Here are a few pictures of our time together.
I post them here just in case I wake up in the morning and think it was all a wonderful dream ~

Around the table: yours truly, Carolyn Russell, Joan Delony, Joanne Fink, Tracey Lyon, and Sindy P.

Joanne demonstrated the Koi Coloring Brush Pens from Sakura.  As she graciously wrote each of our names, she gave us pointers gleaned from her years of experience.

A fabulous day spent in creative company at the hands of a master artist -
now that is especially special.

On an exciting note, Joanne gave us a preview of a precious project that she has poured her heart into.  It is something we can all participate in supporting and I will have more details in the next few weeks - stay tuned!!


  1. Aren't you lucky. I love her work and can only admire from afar. I am still dabbling with being more creative with my handwriting, but cant tear muself away from tangling long enough to do it.

  2. What a beautiful blessing for all involved! ♡♡♡
    ~TANGLE ON! ~