Friday, December 6, 2013

ZIA 'Up-Cycling' - An Inspired Take on Recyling

 Now this is ingenious.   My friend Sindy P received an order through the mail that was delivered in one of those sturdy brown paper mailing tubes.  Ever the creative one, she decided to tangle it and use it as a gift container.  Up-cycling she calls it - a step up from recycling, for sure!
Sindy and her husband were catching a flight to visit her brother for the holidays and she took this portable project along.  By the time she boarded the plane, she had already sent me these two photos... 

 The pictures of the finished tangled tube arrived later the same day - she 'couldn't put it down' once she started, she said.  Isn't it beautiful?! 
 Sindy photographed her masterpiece in front of a mirror so all of the tube is visible. 
Her gift packaging is a gift in itself.  Doesn't it make you want to tangle one yourself?
What a wonderful Zentangle® Inspired Art project...thank you Sindy!
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  1. Clever! I rarely send an envelope now days that doesn't have a tangle on it.. even to my credit card company! Some one some where gets a little ART in their day!...Vicky