Thursday, December 19, 2013

More ZIA Christmas Cheer

It is so intriguing to find out how other artists discover Zentangle® and how they use it in their corner of the world.  One such tangler is Jenna Wheatman from the UK.
Over the last few months, Jenna has become a regular contributor to the weekly challenge here on my blog.  With each submission I learned a bit more about her: she lives in the UK, is self-taught in the Zentangle® method, owns a business, is not fond of capital letters(smile), writes a blog...Finally, I just asked her straight out if she would send me a little bio and allow me to write about her.   This is what she sent:
I'm 29 and run my own sports injury clinic in Scarborough UK , I also spend alot of time training for my sport which is athletics specifically the hammer throw (people are always surprised by this as i'm only 5ft 1" and size 10 UK) and get to represent my county, Yorkshire. My work and sport are very demanding on the body and mind and i am always looking for arts and crafts i can do to relax. My first addiction was kimekomi. Then it was bathbombs which has turned into a small business. I have never been into drawing as such, i found i could copy draw quite well when i was younger but never did anything with it as my free style was terrible.

I got into zentangle when my mum (who is very into card making, especially stamping and holds a saturday craft session) got some zentangle christmas tree stamps about 2 months ago, with this she also got the book zentangle basics. I had a go and now have my Christmas cards sorted. I then thought i better/needed to find out more and learn some tangles, thats when i found the diva challenges and a few weeks later your, its a string thing. I think there are only 3 certified zentangle teachers in the uk and all are miles away down south from where i live, so i use the challenges to learn and get inspiration. 
 If it was not for finding zentangle i would not have such great ideas for presents this Christmas, i think i may have gone a bit over board but i have enjoyed every minute and can not quite believe i have created what i have. I have made a candle, 3 aprons, some bangles and i have just done some t-shirts. My art work has improved so much within the last few months even my hand writing is better.

Here are the photos that she included of her beautiful work: 

She also sent three links to view her tangled creations on her blog:  click here to see the aprons and t-shirt, and to see her work on candles ("very early work before she knew what Zentangle was") , and to see what she calls 'zenfolding'.

I am exhausted and amazed just trying to keep up with what Jenna has going on and what she creates.  It is just astounding to think that she has gleaned her Zentangle knowledge from books and internet sources without the benefit of a class. 

The Zentangle method has a way of bringing out the best in people who practice it:  confidence, enthusiasm, determination, a deeper artistic sense...just to name a few.

Congratulations to you Jenna, for all of the above.   Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring the rest of us!  Merry Christmas!

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  1. What a lovely post! I too have been most impressed by Jenna's work and the breadth of material she has adapted her Zentangles to. There are very few Zentangle practitioners in the UK, whether certified or self-taught. I'd just like to thank everyone for sharing the official material - it's certainly allowed those of us for whom a course is out of reach to learn this lovely art. Thank you! Axxx