Friday, January 12, 2018

Two More Tiny Houses

 Here are two more Tiny Tangled Houses to spread the
New Year's joy ~

The first is a beautifully detailed one from
Lisette in Switzerland.

She included delicious pretzel decorations, peppermint, garland, and a tree that wraps around two sides of the house.

Lisette cut out the window panes and then put
a battery operated light inside to make the house glow.

It looks so cozy and inviting.

 The second beautiful house was sent in by
Marty Greiner from Virginia.

Marty even added a tree using CZT Dorian Eng's bell instructions.
(Click here for the link to those.)

Not only is the house decorated uniquely on each side, the tree is as well.

In her note, Marty said,  
I thought it was a most excellent Christmas craft. I spent several pleasurable hours planning and drawing my house. The shading really made it pop. My family really love it. Thanks to you and Dorian for the great instructions.

There are curtains in the windows!

Many thanks to Lisette and Marty for permission to post their Tiny Houses.  It almost makes me wish for Christmas all year long - almost!

Dorian and I are working on some project ideas for St. Valentine's and St. Patrick Day, so if you missed the opportunity to tangle your own Tiny House in December, stay tuned!

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