Friday, January 6, 2017

Tips for Tangling MySwing

After spending a morning dissecting CZT Simone Menzel's fabulous new tangle MYSWING, I've come up with some Tips for Tangling the pattern.

These illustrations explain how I tangle the very basics of MYSWING.  I hope they prove useful as you develop your own style with it.

Note:  These lines do not have to overlap and arc over the perfs as I have illustrated - the choice is yours...

Click here to check out Simone's post that includes her beautiful step outs and examples. 

Thank you Simone for the great material to work with!



  1. Pas facile ce point . J'ai bien du mal à le réaliser. Merci bisou Yvette de france

  2. Thanks for that. I have been getting in a mess when I try it, but you have helped enormously with these tips, so thank you!