Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Just as the bird sings
 or the butterfly soars, 
because it is his natural characteristic, 
so the artist works.   

                                                                                                             ~Alma Gluck

Stained Glass Birds created by Joan Delony, CZT

In preparation of the upcoming Tickled To Tangle Art Show, my friend Joan Delony, CZT brought over her stained glass contributions.

When Joan unwrapped the whimsical black and white bird pictured above, I fell in love.

She tangled my Lanie pattern on the body of the bird, accented it with Cubine, and dressed her in red boots.  The caption reads, "Wine a Little" - what's not to love?!

She is pictured above with two others that make up my growing collection.  To visit Joan's blog and view more of her birds, click here.  (A red "Store" tab will appear on the top left.)

My little flock is perched on the tangled table that is the subject of tomorrow's post.
I'll detail the process of completing it, so do check back tomorrow!


  1. joan's glass works... what wonderful, witty creations, makes one smile... ~midori czt

  2. They truly are - one more than the next.