Thursday, December 3, 2015

Step Out for Zentangle® Tile Christmas Ornament

To date, I have taught several classes on how to make a three dimensional Christmas ornament using four Zentangle tiles.  My first introduction to them came from my friend and fellow CZT,  Dorian Eng.

Just yesterday, Sakura published Dorian's instructional video on how to make these beautiful decorations on YouTube ~

Coincidentally, this week one of my students asked if I would write out a Step Out for the process of making each of the ornament's four sides.  On the heels of Dorian's video, I think this would be helpful to publish ~

Below are a few of my creations.  I used Zentangle tiles for the first and third one, red card stock for the second one:

Tangling these adds an extra magical element.  Patterns can be as simple or as detailed as you wish.

People are fascinated by them and find it difficult to figure out how they are made - I think that adds to their mystery and beauty.



  1. Beautiful ornaments! Thanks so much for sharing the instructions!

  2. Thanks for writing it out. I was wondering how it would look written out. Now I can save it better.

  3. Just watched the video....the written instructions are easy to have on hand. Thanks for sharing

  4. This looks amazing!!!! I'm going to try and make my own right now.

  5. Oh, I have to try this. Thank you so much for sharing!