Thursday, August 6, 2015

Frost Flower to Sooflowers - Tangling on a Plane

There is something I enjoy about tangling on an airplane, provided the flight is a smooth one.
It tends to make the time pass peacefully and there are few distractions.  

On our last trip, I first played with Karry Heun's fabulous Frost Flower.  
I began with a monotangle following Karry's step out and added a bit of sparkle ~

Next, I shaded ~

All those straight lines made me wonder what the pattern would look like created with curved lines.  
I began the next tile with elongated 'S' curves and drew another monotangle ~

And then shaded ~

The lines were so soothing to draw, I began another tile. 

This time, inspired by a design on a woman's blouse, I began with a single Sooflowers by Livia Chau and radiated lines from the center.  I finished it up with a bit of stipple and shading ~

What about a grouping of Sooflowers, I wondered?  

Unlike Frost Flower, I left white space where the flowers met neighboring ones and around their edges.  A little stippling and shading completed the tile.

I especially liked the way this one turned out.  Each element is interesting in its own way - the flowers, the radiating lines, the white spaces.

Yet another well thought out element of Zentangle® is just how little space is needed to tangle.

Tiles, a Micron, pencil, and the drop down tray from the seat in front of me - sweet and simple.


  1. I really like your last tile too. The white space in between adds a very interesting effect.

  2. I like that last one a lot. The spaces between the flowers are very eye catching and give the piece an energy and motion that is pleasing.

  3. I really like the curved frost flowers, but all your work is nice. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Every tile is beautiful - shaded or not! Your work is always stunning, eye catching, and inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Loved them all but the last four really caught me and, I can see how relaxing they were. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the swirly variation of frost flower. I suppose it doesn't have quite the frosted look, but I find it more appealing.