Thursday, June 4, 2015

Patterns of the Biltmore

I recently accompanied my husband on a weekend business trip to Miami.  It was very relaxing and proved to be a much needed break from our day-to-day.

To add to the wonderfulness of the weekend, we stayed at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables- a glorious, grand, gracious hotel.  Built in 1929, it is filled to the brim with luxurious detail and ...patterns!

Patterns, patterns, everywhere...I wandered the lobbies, patios, and great rooms, snapping photographs.  Here are some of my favorites that you may enjoy too ~

Biltmore Hotel Lobby

Ceiling of the lobby 
I took this looking up from where I was standing in the first picture.  The white flourished right angles (above) are the tops of the grand columns.

Ceiling of the lobby
The ceilings were just spectacular.  This is the ceiling of one of the ballrooms ~

Then, there were rows and rows of colorful original tiles that graced the walls of the second floor balcony.  Here are just a few ~

And of course, the furniture was not to be left out ~

The back of woven leather a chair

An iron patio table top

The front panel of a wooden table
A stone planter

The fences, railings, and gates were beautiful too ~

So often when I talk to fellow tanglers, we agree that since learning the Zentangle® method, we see the world a bit differently.  Yes, we see patterns in nature, in the handiwork of artists and artisans, but we also have a greater appreciation of the patterns of everyday life.  

Many thanks to the Biltmore for its breathtaking beauty, for its delightful patterns,  and for the collective deep breath in the pattern of our own lives. 


  1. HOw interesting! and inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing, Jane

  2. Whoopie! How many are you going to deconstruct for us? Tee! Hee! Just teasing. What a bounty of beauty.

  3. Absolutely, Adele! You captured some fantastic shots. I can hardly get from A to B when I go into Granada. The Moorish patterns are repetitive, elegant and everywhere! Axxx