Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Letters for CBS News Sunday Morning

It's not too late to join in the fun!

If you keep up with the official Zentangle® website, you know that two CZT's - Linda Cobb and Linda Halvorsen - have organized a letter writing campaign to the CBS Sunday Morning News.  Their goal is to bring Zentangle to the station's attention and hopefully have it turn into a story on the show - very exciting! 

You can read all of the details here in the Zentangle newsletter. 

While the letters were to be postmarked on April 1, it is not too late to join the party.  Can you imagine the impact a steady stream of letters over the next few weeks would have?

If you need some inspiration click here to see and read some of the letters that Rick and Maria have posted on the Zentangle blog.  One is more fabulously ornate than the next.  Imagine being on the receiving end of those beautiful mailings!

Pictured below are the inside flaps of my card.  I used a tri-fold enclosure and decorated each side...

I encourage you to read the suggestions in the newsletter and send in your own note and artwork.  All of the information, including the mailing address is listed there - click here for the link.

This is a very exciting opportunity - take time to support Rick and Maria and Zentangle - tangle a note and join in the fun!


  1. This is gorgeous Adele! I haven't had the time to make something for this cause but I am sure we could actually send one in at any time, so as soon as I can I will!

  2. Your Easter eggs are absolutely beautiful!!